COVID-19 Community Support
The current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented for all of us facing a major disruption of everyday life on a European and global scale. In these challenging times, GÉANT staff, partners and community members are pulling together to gather and share useful information and resources, to ensure core services continue, and to rapidly provide new offers that will support our research and education communities through this crisis. 

We are focusing our efforts to respond to the different new demands from supporting stable network operations, providing tools for distance learning to enabling knowledge exchange among partners. 

Our efforts cover all our core areas. Below we provide a summary and further information on measures that have been put in place. These pages will be updated on a regular basis. 

GÉANT continues to ensure the availability and reliability of the current GÉANT network and the services it provides. The COVID-19 pandemic is not currently affecting existing network services, as the GÉANT Operations Centre has full monitoring capability (even whilst staff work from home), and fault rectification is outsourced and typically performed by in-country, local staff.  

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GÉANT is focused on accelerating the implementation of a range of distance learning and cloud-based services. In addition, we are working with commercial providers on enhanced offers to help support research and education communities. 

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GÉANT continues to collate information and resources that could be useful to the GÉANT community, including crisis communications best practice and COVID-19 messaging, guidelines for online meetings/events, and online meetings of Task Forces and Special Interest Groups. 

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Information around the coronavirus and any impact on the activities of the GÉANT Association.