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Keeping up-to-date with GÉANT has ne​​ver been so easy! Whether you want a straightforward RSS feed direct to your inbox or more interactive ways to take part in discussions, you'll find an option that suits you below.​


If you have a Twitter account, you can follow GÉANTnews to stay in the loop with GÉANT and community news, event information and other updates.​ 

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GÉANT's Facebook page shares news and includes selected videos and materials. You can post comments or questions and share information to your own profile​ page.
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With over 15 million publications, issuu is the fastest growing digital publishing platform in the world.

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We have created GÉANTtv which is a YouTube Channel site dedicated to the promotion of GÉANT related visual material.

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Explore the world's sounds and share your own in the online community Sound​​​Cloud. GÉANT has a growing library of audio creations.

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SlideShare allows users to upload and share content including presentations, infographics and videos.

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