​Working together to manage security across e-Infrastructures: Developing a framework to support Security for Collaborating Infrastructures

Linz, Austria ​| 1 June 2017

Often the requirements for openness and security seem contradictory. With the ever-increasing number and severity of online threats it is necessary to continually manage these risks and enable services and information be both open and securely controlled

e-Infrastructures and research infrastructures recognise that controlling information security is crucial for providing continuous and trustworthy services for their communities. The Security for Collaborating Infrastructures (SCI) working group is a collaborative activity within the Wise Information Security for e-Infrastructures (WISE) trust community.

The aim of the trust framework is to enable interoperation of collaborating i​nfrastructures in managing cross-infrastructure operational security risks. It also builds trust between Infrastructures by adopting policy standards for collaboration especially in cases where identical security policy documents cannot be shared.

Governing principles of the SCI framework are incident containment, ascertaining the causes of incidents, identifying affected parties, addressing data protection and risk management and understanding measures required to prevent an incident from reoccurring.

"We are thrilled that SCI will be our first official WISE output. This endorsement shows us that we are on the right track for making information security for collaborating e-infrastructures a little wiser!"  Hannah Short, chair of the WISE Steering Committee

"As provider of the terabit backbone network for the research and education community GEANT recognises the vital importance of collaboration in security, tools and practices.  This initiative demonstrates our commitment to working across e-infrastructures for the benefit of our community."   Paul Drake, Chief Information and Security Officer, GÉANT

​​On 1 June 2017 at TNC17 in Linz, Austria, the SCI framework signatories will present the Framework to the WISE community for endorsement by the group of WISE infrastructures and NRENs.


SCI framework signatories at TNC17​