​Special discount for new ownCloud license​​es

10 November 2015 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

v3.jpgGÉANT has secured a new special discount offer from ownCloud, offering even more value than before, for new customers until the end of 2015. Because of the holiday season, it is appreciated if new applications are submitted before 23 December though. 

An additional rebate has been negotiated under the exi​sting agreement between GÉANT and ownCloud, in which discounted licences are offered to all of GÉANT's international members and their users.

ownCloud software installs easily on a web server, enabling institutions to host their own file sync-and-share, giving IT complete control of their data whether using on-premises or cloud storage. It has more than a million users worldwide. 

The new special offer is applicable for new customers only (renewals by existing customers are excluded) and is valid until the end of 2015. New customers can obtain licences for 1 euro per user per year, under two possible conditions:

  1. You sign up for one year, with a minimum number of licences worth 7,500 euro, or:
  2. ​You sign up for two years, with a minimum order of 3,500 euro for year one and 7,500 euro for year two. This approach allows new customers to gradually scale-up over two years and makes entry easier.
More information 
If your organisation would like to make use of the new special discount, please contact GÉANT's Peter Szegedi.
For more information about the ownCloud software, visit the ownCloud website.

See the ownCloud version of this news.