New workshop series launched on managing virtual teams​​


26 October 2015 | Amsterdam, Netherlands​​


The growing need to manage geographically distributed teams and the rise of new software and hardware solutions to facilitate remote collaboration have led to the development of a new training course - Managing Performance in Virtual Teams (MPiViT). Launched in September, the MPiViT workshop series is now gaining momentum, with a face-to-face workshop in Amsterdam on 3-6 November 2015.


The primary aim is to enhance the skills and knowledge of activity leaders and team leaders within the GÉANT (GN4-1) Project, in order to strengthen the communication and project management structure within distributed teams. This should result in greater levels of efficiency, e​ffectiveness and motivation. However, in future the course may also be opened more widely.


A​ccording to Irina Mikhailava, Training Coordinator with GÉANT: "We hope to also offer MPiViT to th​e wider GÉANT community so that more people can benefit from its streamlined team-working processes."

The MPiViT workshops are a new addition to the GÉANT training, learning and ​development portfolio.


Irina says: ​"The initial workshops are a great start, as they offer solutions to enhance and develop fundamental working processes. The course is a perfect opportunity to grow internal capabilities and the potential to deliver on GÉANT Project objectives."​​

The workshops meet the need to develop human capital through training and sharing best practices in relation to managing people, running effective team meetings, managing performance, coaching and motivation. The workshops also address how to build even stronger relationships across the community and how to encourage a coaching culture.


Four groups of six people will follow the current MPiViT series, starting from 3 November, each course comprising four events over sixteen weeks, with learned skills being applied in the workplace in the meantime. A 360 degree questionnaire is also offered to maximise learning delivery and feedback on the course.


More information

You can find more information on the MPiViT wiki page.