​World's first multi-vendor server-to​-server cloud sharing interoperability demonstration powered by OpenCloudMesh at TNC16


OpenCLoudMesh demo at TNC16 (left to right): Chr​​istian Schmitz 
(ownCloud), Peter Szegedi (GÉANT), Charles du Jeu (Pydio), Jakub Moscicki (CERN), Guido Aben (AARNet).

OpenCloudMesh project participants demonstrate​​d the first interoperability test between two independent sync&share vendors' domains during this year’s networking conference, TNC16. This marks an important milestone towards a larger commercial take-up and some potential standardisation actions.

The idea of federated ​​cloud sharing was initiated by ownCloud. The OpenCloudMesh (OCM) project is an open collaborative action that is coordinated by GÉANT, with contributions from CERN, national research and education networking organisations, academic institutions and commercial partners.

In Janu​​ary 2016, OCM partners demonstrated the first working prototype of the open application programming interface (API) implemented between four administrative sync&share service domains, all running the ownCloud software. The ambitious goal at that time was to convince other vendors to join the OCM project and prove that the protocol is truly vendor-agnostic.

Six months later, on 13 June 2016, the demonstration at this year's networking​​ conference, TNC16 in Prague, proved interoperability between the domains of OwnCloud and Pydio (formerly AjaXplorer). The OCM project team acknowledges the dedication and voluntary efforts of the partners who made this happen, especially: Charles du Jeu (Pydio), Christian Schmitz (ownCloud), Guido Aben (AARNet) and Hrachya Astsatryan (ASNET-AM).

The next step​ of the OCM project will be to formalise the protocol description, establish a reference infrastructure and define test procedures in order to lower the barrier for new partners who wish to implement the open sharing API in their software and comply with OCM.

All leading partners of the​ Open Cloud Mesh project are fully committed to the open API design principle. This means that - from day one - the OCM sharing API should be discussed, designed and developed as a vendor-neutral protocol to be adopted by any sync&share product vendor or service provider.

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