​Workshop: E-infrastructure cooperation for open science


The workshop “National and European e-infrastructure cooperation for open science” will take place on September 8, in Athens, Greece, as part of the Open Science Fair.

The workshop is co-organised by EGI, GEANT and OpenAIRE and comes in the context of coordinating EOSC-related activities across European e-infrastructures.

The event is an opportunity for national service providers and research collaborations to brainstorm and discuss topics such as community engagement, technical service provision, trainings and open scholarships.

The Open Science Fair is a 3-day event targeted at funders and policy makers, researchers, RIs and innovators to work together and design a roadmap of implementing open science in Europe.

Further information


To register, please see
http://opensciencefair.eu/workshops/parallel-day-3-1/national-e-infrastructure-coordination-for-open-science ​