​​Information security community for e-infrastructures crystalises at WISE workshop

03 November 2015 | Amsterdam, Netherlands


The recent WISE (Wise Information Security for collaborating E-infrastructures) workshop has resulted in a unified community that will be led by a steering committee, with a mailing list and specific working groups. This community aims to provide a trusted global framework for security experts to exchange experience and knowledge.

The three-day 'WISE' event was held in Barcelona on 20-22 October 2015, hosted by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. It was organised with the joint effort of the GÉANT group SIG-ISM (Special Interest Group on Information Security Management) and of SCI, the 'Security for Collaboration among Infrastructures' group of staff from several large-scale distributed computing infrastructures.


The goal of the WISE workshop was to bring together four big e-infrastructures - EGI, EUDAT, GÉANT and PRACE - as well as national research and education network (NREN) organisations, user communities such as HEP/CERN and the Human Brain Project, and other initiatives such as XSEDE, NCSA, CTSC, in order to facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge on information security management and other topics of relevance.


During lively discussions about how best to collaborate and help each other, it became evident that there is a more profound need for a strong global collaboration in this area.



With researchers using network, cloud and grid infrastructures to run experiments and the internet to exchange results and data on a global scale, they need confidence that these communications are secure and reliable.

Real security on the internet can only be realised within a broader context of trust and respect and collaboration is the key to successful information security. The WISE community will try to achieve this global collaboration.


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You can find more information about the WISE workshop on the SIG-ISM Wiki page​, and the event agenda on the workshop page.

 Visit the WISE​ Community website https://wise-community.org​​

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