Gyongyi Horváth blog: ​The focus is on you again!

Amsterdam, NL | 11 September 2018

Gyongyi.jpgGyongyi Horváth is well known in the GÉANT community after many years of organising TNC. Now back from extended parental leave, we asked Gyongyi to explain her new role at GÉANT and what inspired it. 

"Many of you know that I have been away for a year. After many years of effort, we were fortunate to have a baby. We took a break to enjoy and fully experience the first year of our daughter’s life. We combined our parental leave with a special experience of traveling the world and spending time together in the best possible way for everyone. Our daughter will not remember this trip, however we hope that she learnt to accept and respect different people and different cultures. If you are interested check out where we have been at

During our trip I learnt to appreciate more the easiness of being connected via the internet and realised how well we have it arranged in Europe compared to many places. This is also one of the reasons why I like working with GÉANT and the community. I have always loved my job, working with the community of forward looking, inspiring, visionary, smart and very committed people from all over the world. Having the possibility of traveling to different countries and working with various cultures. It also helped me to realise the importance of being open minded, respectful and proud for the existing knowledge and information.

Now I am back at work again and have the opportunity to contribute further to making a difference for the research and education community. The technological advances have accelerated and new forms of research and education arises. One of the challenges is how education is transforming. We recognised the importance for our community to address the needs of students and educators with it supporting the educational institutions. For this a new role of Community Support Officer was created. With it lies the responsibility of working with the NREN community to support their efforts in enhancing their activities for education. 

Fulfilling this new role is a very nice new challenge for me. Working with the community for over a decade and being responsible for organising the community’s annual conference TNC I gained a view on many future initiatives. For our community it is becoming more and more important to focus on the ever-changing ways of knowledge sharing. More and more universities becoming open and international and the demands of students is growing on the digital environment in education. We are living in the era of technological revolution and being agile and adaptive is key. I believe that our community can be the hub to support the digital future of education.

I am very excited to work with the community again and create something new with you all together. There is a lot to learn from each other. Soon, I plan to reach out to our members and counterparts. If you can’t wait to share ideas, please reach out to me!" 

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