​The Vietsch Foundation’s Award: Medal of Honour

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TNC19 hosts the award of the prestigious Medal of Honour by the Vietsch Foundation.
In the Opening Plenary for TNC19, the The Trustees of the Vietsch Foundation announced the unanimous decision to award Claudio Allocchio (GARR, Italy) for the demonstrated achievements and long-lasting benefit delivered to the research and education networking community throughout his career.

Valentino Cavalli, representing the Board of Trustees explains: “Claudio’s contribution to research and education networking has been impressive and as a senior manager of GARR he has contributed enormously to developing communities internationally. It has been a pleasure to work for many years with Claudio and to witness the competence and enthusiasm he put into supporting the LOw LAtency audio visual streaming system (LoLa) and reaching out to new communities in the Arts and Humanities.”

Claudio Allocchio

Claudio Allocchio studied astrophysics, particle physics and music (piano). in 1985 he started his computer networking activities at CERN where he helped to create the world’s first multi-protocol mail gateway service for universal messaging. In 1991, among the founders of the Italian NREN GARR, he managed the COSINE mail gateway services and the Italian Naming Authority (“.it” regulator). Claudio has worked in various roles in all GÉANT projects and he is currently also one of the main advisors for the EaPConnect project. In 2005 he started a collaboration with Conservatorio Tartini in Trieste, where he is currently chief network engineer for LoLa development.


Claudio commented: “Since my early days in networking I always tried to use the network to allow people to communicate easier and better and to create groups. ‘Anyone should be able to talk and send messages to anyone’, I said at a time when this was just a dream and, with a bunch of colleagues we created the global e-mail service. So, when some years later I came across the apparently impossible dream of LoLa – to make distances disappear at the click of a mouse – I decided to embark on another adventure, helping to make it happen. I strongly believe in collaboration, which is the fundamental engine which moves the research and education community - where we are all peers.”

About the Vietsch Foundation and the Medal of Honour

The Vietsch Foundation was officially established in 2014 by the will of the late Karel Willem Vietsch, former Secretary General of TERENA. As a charity under Dutch law, the foundation is capable of making and receiving grants that satisfy the objectives and purpose of the organisation: to support research and development of advanced internet technology for scientific research and higher education. The Vietsch Foundation every year awards a Medal of Honour to people who, through their career, have contributed to achievements of great value for research and education in a sustainable and lasting way. 

For more information visit: www.vietsch-foundation.org