​TNC19 opens with a focus on how technology can help society


Keynote speakers Siim Sikkut and Linnar Viik today opened TNC19, and in so doing kicked off the GÉANT community’s annual conference held this year in Tallinn, Estonia.

Their joint talk focused on efforts to strengthen the Estonian Society with Technology. Estonia has developed rapidly through not only the embracing of new technologies, but the successful application of these technologies to benefit all in their society.


The keynote was part of the opening plenary for TNC19 – the 35th edition of TNC – which is hosted by Estonia’s national research and education network, EENet, and held in the fascinating city of Tallinn, Estonia.

The opening plenary included welcoming speeches from GÉANT Chair of the Board Christian Grimm and GÉANT CEO Erik Huizer; and from Director of Infrastructure, Kristina Lillemets of EENet of HITSA.


The opening plenary also included presentation of the GÉANT Community Award and the Vietsch Foundation Medal of Honour.

Archived video streams of the opening plenary are available from https://tnc19.geant.org/

About TNC19

TNC19 brings together over 700 participants from over 70 countries, truly representing the diverse global research and education community, for a packed schedule of keynote speeches, demonstrations, meetings, presentations to give participants a unique overview of the latest developments in research and education networking.

Full details on this week’s schedule plus access to live streams, is available on the TNC19 website. All sessions are streamed live, and in archive form as soon as possible after each session via the TNC19 video archive playlist on the TNC19 website. Streaming is provided by the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, PSNC (Poland).

If you are joining the conversation on social media this week, please use #tnc19 and tag @TNC_GEANT.