​TNC16 closes; looking forward to TNC17 in Linz


The core programme sessions of this year's networking conference, TNC16, ended on Wednesday 16 June with an invitation for attendees to visit TNC17 in Linz, Austria. Christian Panigl of ACOnet, the Austrian research and education network, presented a short film highlighting the city's attractions, and participants of TNC16 received a local Linz snack and invitation card for next year's event. TNC16 continues tomorrow with various side meetings.


In his keynote speech, John Sexton​ of New York University (NYU) drew upon religious, political and social contexts to elaborate upon the future of the global university, while making the case for increasing globalisation in higher education across the world. Explaining how NYU's Global Network University has grown to become "not a branch campus system but an organic circulatory system" that harvests talented youngsters from 124 countries, he told TNC16 participants that the networking community is vital, not only to this kind of endeavour, but in a much more fundamental way.

"You provide the essential ingredient of connectivity - the underpinning not just for universities and researchers, but for global civil society".​

Citing statistics that there are 85 million primary and secondary school-age children in remote areas, slums and war zones around the world who will never meet a teacher in their lives, and the fact that governments are moved by security concerns more than by humanitarian or even economic concerns to provide funding for education programmes, John placed networkers firmly in the centre of the solutions that involve sharing action plans and information as well as connecting educational facilities. 

"You help create this community of communities that helps to fulfil human potential. Thank you for the lives you live. I hope I've been able to give you a hint that the lives you live are even more worthwhile than you thought."​

About TNC16

TNC16 broke the TNC attendance record with 719 participants from more than 60 countries. The conference was organised by GÉANT and hosted by CESNET, the Czech national research and education networking organisation. It was held on 12-16 June 2016 in Prague. All information, including the full conference schedule, presentations and archived session video streams can be found on the TNC16 website. Most of the slides and some of the conference papers can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant session in the TNC16 presentation list.


Sponsorship or other support was provided by Ciena, ECI Telecom, Cisco, Internet Society, DigiCert, Nokia, Juniper Networks, Ripe NCC, Verne Global, Infinera, Kaltura, IBM, Xantaro, Pydio, Flowmon Networks, ownCloud, Networksys, Brocade, ICT Professional, International Data Group, ADVA Optical Networking, Corsa Technology, OSI Hardware & Telecom, and the European Commission.