TF-NOC recharters as SIG-NOC



27 July 2015 | Cambr​​idge, UK


During its 12th meeting, on 8-9 April 2015, the Task Force on Network Operations Centres (TF-NOC) discussed and agreed its new objectives as a Special Interest Group (SIG). The task force's terms of reference had expired towards the end of March, therefore a new charter was needed. The new direction and name change from TF-NOC to SIG-NOC was approved by the TTC on 8 July 2015.


During the Stuttgart meeting a discussion about the SIG charter concluded in an agreement about the main direction and objectives that the newly formed SIG should have for its first annual reporting period:


  • Discuss, design and develop recommendations for a NOC Staff Training (basic) and potential Certification Programme in order to bring and keep NOC staff up to the “standard” level.
  • Invite NOC tool developers and organise half-day technical tutorial sessions on various products and topics.
  • Extend the reach of the community to regional, metropolitan and campus NOCs.

The new SIG format was appreciated by the meeting’s attendees and the following voluntary Steering Committee members were accepted: Brian Nisbet (HEAnet), Jonny Lundin (NORDUnet), Pieter Hanssens (Belnet), and Maria Isabel Gandía Carriedo (CSUC).


Invited speakers talked about Icinga 2 and ELK, and also the possiblity for a joint procurement of Splunk licenses for the GÉANT community was brought to the table for discussion. GÉANT staff will further investigate this possibility. The meeting attendees also agreed to collect the latest information about the various software tools used by the NOCs, through a revised version of the NOC Tool Survey. This work is in progress and will be discussed at the upcoming SIG-NOC meeting in autumn.


More information

You can find more information about SIG-NOC via the group’s Wiki page​.


The 12th TF-NOC meeting was hosted by BelWü, the German state network of Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart, Germany. About 26 people attended and some joined via video conferencing. You can find the topics and speakers of this meeting on the programme page.