​South Africa joins eduGAIN

08 March 2017​ | Cambridge, UK and Wynberg, South Africa​

The eduGAIN Steering Group voted last week to admit the South African Identity Federation (SAFIRE) as the first fully participating member from Africa. eduGAIN is the academic identity inter-federation service with 48 member federations from around the world. 


“South Africa’s membership of eduGAIN will provide local academics and researchers with an easy way to log into over a thousand participating services worldwide using their home organisation’s username and password.” 

Guy Halse, Project Director: SAFIRE - South African Identity Federation

Locally, SAFIRE will make it easier for universities and research organisations to collaborate in a wide variety of fields, from teaching and learning through to interdisciplinary research. 

As it grows, SAFIRE will support the research and education sector realise economies of scale and savings in systems integration costs (in fact, thanks to eduGAIN, many of these integrations have already been done). The federation can also provide participants with more granular mechanisms to control access to expensive electronic resources, such as those provided by university libraries.

Information for South African research and education institutions wishing to participate in SAFIRE is available at https://safire.ac.za/participants/idp/​.

More informatio​​n​

To find out more about how eduGAIN supports identity federation worldwide, visit https://edugain.org ​