SIG-NOC reports on common network operations tools

SIG-NOC.jpgA report on the second community survey of network operations centres (NOCs) is available online. The report, by the GÉANT Special Interest Group on Network Operations Centres (SIG-NOC), focuses on NOC functions and the software tools that operators use to fulfil them. The report highlights the most commonly used and useful tools.


64 operations centres provided data, representing a broad range of national research and education networks, regional and metropolitan networks, campus networks, commercials and internet exchange operators. The survey data were collected between December 2015 and February 2016 and the final report was published in June.

The range of tools in use across these NOCs is extremely wide. The report explicitly does not draw any conclusions on which tools are best, but should be helpful in determining which are most commonly used and therefore have a healthy community around them. It also illustrates situations where tools are widely used, but perhaps not as widely found to be useful.

Further conclusions are left to the reader; should this survey report raise any questions, then please engage with the SIG-NOC community via Péter Szegedi.

Further information

The SIG-NOC tools survey report can be downloaded as a pdf. The anonymised survey data is also available on the SIG-NOC wiki in MS Excel format for further analysis.

SIG-NOC acknowledges the contributions of all the organisations and NOC teams who participated in the survey, and extends its special thanks to the SIG-NOC steering committee: Maria Isabel Gandía Carriedo (CSUC), Pieter Hanssens (Belnet), Jonny Lundin (NORDUnet) and Brian Nisbet (HEAnet).