​New website gives EU-China NREN community initiative a face  

Cambridge, UK | 16 October 2017


​Building on a strong brand

orientplus_logo.jpgSince the successful completion of the EU-funded ORIENTplus project in 2014, GÉANT and its Chinese counterpart CERNET (China Education and Research Network) have continued to provide direct internet connectivity between Europe and China. Today, they jointly fund and operate a 10Gbps link between Beijing and London, giving over 80 million researchers, academics and students across Europe and China high-capacity internet access for data-intensive scientific and academic collaborations.


During TNC16 in Prague representatives of the GÉANT and Chinese NREN communities came together to explore ways to jointly promote the link and to cooperate on technical activities. The immediate outcome of the discussions was the launch of the EU-China NREN community initiative as a forum for future collaborative efforts and the commitment to build on the strong ORIENTplus brand in their endeavours.

Website launched  

To give the initiative an effective visibility tool, GÉANT, in partnership with the Chinese NRENs CERNET and CSTNET, has developed a dedicated website, outlining the background and objectives of the EU-China NREN community initiative. Key features of the site include case studies on existing ORIENTplus users, partner profiles, outlines of technical collaborations as well as an extensive resource library with useful materials to support partners in the development of R&E networking between Europe and China.

David West, Senior International Relations Officer at GÉANT, who managed the ORIENTplus project between 2011 and 2014, commented: “The aim of the EU-China NREN community initiative is to provide a forum for our partners in Europe and China, in the absence of a project framework, to harness the potential of the ORIENTplus link through joint promotional and technical collaborations. This website is a first step on the way to make this happen. However, for it to be a valuable resource  and for this initiative to produce tangible outputs, we rely on all our partners to be actively engaged.” 

Jennifer An, International Relations Manager at CERNET, added: “The legacy of the ORIENTplus project goes beyond continuing to provide connectivity. We need to get the word out, re-engage with existing users and reach out to prospective ones. We at CERNET look forward to continuing our fruitful working relationship with the GÉANT community in support of our user communities across China and Europe.”

Hong Li, Deputy Director of CSTNET, said: “CSTNET is also pleased to be part of this initiative.  Our users in the scientific and research centres across China value close collaboration with their European partners, and we welcome this opportunity to provide extra support for Europe and China to collaborate, as well as continue to meet users demand for high capacity connectivity.”​

Get involved

Join the EU-China NREN community distribution list to be part of the discussions, share opportunities and ideas for promoting the connectivity among your users, provide input for user case studies and indicate interest in joining existing or initiating additional technical collaborations. Please get in touch via info@orientplus.eu 

Enjoy exploring the new site: www.orientplus.eu​ 

Further information


Jointly funded and managed by GÉANT and CERNET, a 10Gbps link between Beijing and London provides direct high-capacity EU-China connectivity and seamlessly continues the EU-funded ORIENTplus circuit that was established between 2011 and 2014. The main applications running over the link include genome projects, LHC collaborations, radio-astronomy, severe-weather forecasting, agriculture, astrophysics; the ITER fusion project will also benefit.  

In September 2015 GÉANT and CERNET signed a Memorandum of Understanding​ to reinforce their long-term partnership and to further strengthen ICT collaboration between the European and Chinese research and education networking communities.