New GÉANT gears up for exciting future

Amidst a rapidly evolving landscape for research and education networking, GÉANT has recently restructured, with the goal of creating a highly efficient and effective organisation intent on delivering a world class user experience and exceptional value for money to best support the NREN community. 


The restructure also allows for the expansion of skills and the building of capabilities, enabling GÉANT to make greater progress with strategic initiatives such as Trust and Identity, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Security, as well as ensuring greater engagement with the European Commission. An active recruitment​ and development programme will add skills in leadership, data analytics, engineering, business planning and lobbying, aimed at strengthening the GÉANT services portfolio and value proposition. 


It follows the merger between TERENA and DANTE and the appointment of new CEO Steve Cotter in November 2015, and will support a stronger European research and education networking community.


Strategic goals and new functional st​ructure 

GÉANT’s long-term strategic goals remain aligned with those originally set out by the NREN community:

  • Support the European knowledge economy. 
  • Position Europe as the global leader in R&E.
  • Drive innovation.
  • Provide access to trusted, high-quality services.

Helping deliver these goals is a new organisational structure organised by business function into 7 complementary teams:

  • Finance, HR, Procurement and Facilities headed by Chief Financial Officer David Wrathmall;
  • Business Development, International Relations and Marketing/Communications headed by Chief Collaboration Officer, filled in the interim by Cathrin Stӧver;
  • Community Support, Events and Training
  • headed by the CEO;
  • Project Management, Product Management and EC liaison headed by Chief Programmes Officer Matthew Scott;
  • Software development and IT headed by Chief Information and Technology Officer, filled in the interim by Dimitri van Zantvliet Rozemeijer;
  • Operations Centre, Service Assurance, Network Architecture, Engineering and Implementation headed by Chief Operations Officer Mark Johnston;
  • Security headed by Chief Information Security Officer (to be recruited).

The new organisational structure can be seen in full h​​ere​.


GÉANT Project (GN4-2)

These changes have impacted some Project-based roles and a new organisation chart showing Activity Leaders and Task Leaders is available​ here (login required).