New GÉANT forum for real-time communications and multimedia experts


Participants at the final TF-WebRTC meeting, which was held on 22-23 September 2016 in Helsinki.

After two years of success, 5 meetings, 45 presentations, 19 hours of recordings and 195 participants, the GÉANT Task Force on Web Real-Time Communications - TF-WebRTC - has decided to conclude and re-charter as a new, more inclusive, open format multimedia special interest group - SIG-Multimedia.

New SIG-Multimedia

Since the early 2000's the GÉANT community has had a forum for streaming, netcasting, voice and video collaboration, enhanced communications, media applications and, lately, web-based real time communications. The newly created SIG-Multimedia reaches back to these traditions and builds on the open community principle using the GÉANT Special Interest Group (SIG) format.

SIG-Multimedia will engage with subject matter experts in industry and the wider research and education community, primarily addressing the video/web conference, multimedia, streaming, e-learning and distant collaboration teams. The forum will facilitate interoperability among the current technology and service silos, share knowledge and information about existing solutions and planned developments and integrations in order to avoid the duplication of efforts where possible. It is going to advise and demonstrate innovative applications for both the high-end users (demanding 4K, 8K, real-time, interactive, low latency, secure and encrypted solutions) as well as the long-tail users (being educative, smart, easy-to-use, connected and interoperable).


SIG-Multimedia is coordinated by its volunteer steering committee. The composition of the committee covers the necessary expertise in the major focus areas and facilitates synergies with the relevant tasks in the GÉANT (GN4-2) Project and other global partners and initiatives. The members are:

  • Carole Hounkonnou (RENATER)
  • Bartlomiej Idzikowski (PSNC - GN4-2 WebRTC task leader)
  • Erik Kikkenborg (NORDUnet)
  • Mihaly Meszaros (NIIF - former TF-WebRTC chair)
  • Rui Ribeiro (FCT)

The home for SIG-Multimedia is at:

People are invited to subscribe to the multimedia mailing list at

TF-WebRTC end and achievements

TF-WebRTC was created in October 2014 with the aim to investigate whether and how WebRTC-based solutions and services can be used to enable large-scale, easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate and low-cost use of real-time communication across institutional boundaries for all researchers, lecturers, administrative staff and students in Europe. It was important to ensure that European research and education networking organisations (NRENs) are well positioned to realise the full potential of WebRTC technology for their community as the technology emerges in the years to come.


TF-WebRTC contributed to the creation of the WebRTC task in the GÉANT (GN4-1) Project that started in May 2015. Together the project task and the task force demonstrated the strength of open collaboration, information exchange and consensus seeking when defining strategic directions and a future roadmap for the community.

TF-WebRTC provided a discussion forum and external inputs to the openly available "WebRTC Roadmap" definition.

TF-WebRTC also conducted a market analysis of hosted and on-premises video and web conferencing services, which resulted in the joint tendering procurement for next-generation video conferencing services of GÉANT, NORDUnet and five NRENs.

Old TF-WebRTC home wiki page.