New GÉANT community working groups invite participation at upcoming meetings


The GÉANT Community Programme has expanded its portfolio with three new community working groups. The Task Force on Research Engagement Development (TF-RED - pictured), and special interest groups on Transnational Education (SIG-TNE) and on Cloudy Interoperable Software Stacks (SIG-CISS) will be holding meetings at upcoming events and invite anyone who is interested to join them.

The new groups were unanimously adopted into the GÉANT Community Programme by the GÉANT Community Committee during its fourth meeting, on 24 February 2017.  



The Research Engagement Development task force has formed out of an existing collaboration between national research and education network (NREN) organisations. The task force focuses on collaboration between the participating NRENs, who are working together to develop methods for engaging with researchers and collaborations nationally and internationally, and then work within their own countries to engage with their research support offices and collaborations. The group aims to develop a framework for research engagement that will yield documentation for other NRENs to use in developing their own form of research engagement. These activities will benefit the various research domains across Europe, and communicate and strengthen collaboration with other e-infrastructures.


"I am very happy with the approval of the GÉANT Community Committee. The task force is looking forward to working together and working with an even broader NREN community to benefit the researchers and the networks." Sylvia Kuijpers (SURFnet), Chair of TF-RED


TF-RED will lead sessions at this year's networking conference, TNC17, and will hold a meeting there on Tuesday 30 May from 09:00-10:30 CEST.  


For more information about TF-RED, visit the TF-RED page on this website, or visit the TF-RED wiki.



Transnational Education (TNE) is an area of significant growth around the globe, providing education developed in one country and delivered in another. While the principles and reasons for engaging in TNE tend to be relatively consistent, the area presents many challenges including a variety of national education systems, the changing political climate, diverse models of TNE delivery and, fundamentally, technological hurdles. SIG-TNE will provide a forum for exchanging knowledge and best practices in this area.


On behalf of SIG-TNE, Esther Wilkinson (Jisc) said: "As borderless education becomes the new norm, technology will become the centre of its success. SIG-TNE will discuss issues and solutions to ease the provision of TNE, whether from a sending or host country, or for those responsible for its consumption and enhancing the student experience in education institutions around the world. A genuinely collaborative approach will enhance current delivery, but also ensure that we are ready to develop our NRENs' future offer."


A pre-SIG TNE workshop will be held at the Internet2 Global Summit to to identify key issues to be addressed by the SIG. The first meeting of the SIG-TNE will take place at TNC17 on Wednesday 31 May at 18:00-20:00 CEST.  


For more information about SIG-TNE, visit the SIG-TNE page on this website or the SIG-TNE wiki.



The Cloudy Interoperable Software Stacks group has evolved from the long-running task force TF-Storage, in order to better reflect community requirements in this area. SIG-CISS will bring together those who are building/operating research and education clouds and are willing to share strategy, design, deployment, performance optimisation, application integration, interoperability, security and other related information in joint efforts aimed at addressing the needs of the academic environment.  CISS will support organisations building, operating, and brokering cloud services and infrastructure, and help ensure their interoperability. 

On behalf of SIG-CISS, Guido Aben (AARNet) said: "I’m pleased that now we can not only refresh the group, but we have officially widened our remit to include 'all things cloud stack', and not just the storage part. We had been getting into all those other areas (compute, provisioning, etc.) in an under the radar de-facto way, but not well advertised. Now we can start tackling integration in earnest."

SIG-CISS will be contributing to sessions at TNC17 and participating in the "Cloud Café" there on Wednesday 31 May at 18:00-20:00 CEST.  


For more information about SIG-CISS, visit the SIG-CSS page on this website and the SIG-CISS wiki.

Further information

Secretariat support for task forces and special interest groups (SIGs) is provided by GÉANT with funding through the GÉANT (GN4-2) Project.

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