​​​​​​​​​NRENum.net welcomes new members as it expands

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19 October 2015 | Amsterdam, Netherlands​


GÉANT’s NRENum.net service, the global ENUM service for academia (which translates telephone numbers into domain names), has welcomed Mexico, Ecuador and El Salvador to its existing group of members, thereby expanding its presence in Latin America and raising the total number of Country Code delegations to 39, globally. The mandates of the current members of both the Global NRENum.net Governance Committee (GNGC) and the Operations Team (OT) have been ​​renewed for another two years as well, until September 2017 and November 2016, respectively.


As one of the key building blocks of global unified communications, it is GÉANT's mission to coordinate and continuously enhance the service for the benefit of the entire research and education community in a sustainable manner.


The new NRENum.net member countries complement the other Latin American countries who were already members; Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Brazil. The new memberships can be directly attributed to the success of the MAGIC project, which seeks to establish a set of agreements among participating world regions to consolidate and complete middleware to the end of creating a marketplace of services and real-time applications that benefit global science communities.


GÉANT expects that more applications to join NRENum.net will follow from Latin American countries as well as from other world regions.


In addition, a representative of the Colombian NREN RENATA has been successfully applied to the vacant position in the NRENum.net service’s Operations Team making the group complete again.


Technical improvements

As a technical improvement, the NRENum.net DNS Crawler application – that live monitors the number of end-user records registered in the service – has been updated to be more accurate and robust. This piece of work was funded by the GN4 project’s real-time communications and multimedia activity.


Last year, a major overhaul of the website was also completed, including a complete interface redesign and improved support.


More information

To find out more about NRENum.net visit the NRENum.net website.

​What is​​ NRENum.net?

NRENum.net provides seamless interconnection between videoconferencing, Voice over IP (VoIP) and telepresence services for its members.


Joining NRENum.net makes it possible to register your telephone numbers so that other service members can resolve your numbers and make calls to you via IP and through the NRENs' infrastructure end-to-end, often free of charge.​