​Mapping the global R&E community

GÉANT’s global map has become something of an icon over the years! It has illustrated very well not only how R&E data moves from one country to another, but how networking has evolved as the global community has grown.

In 1998 for example, with the TEN-34 network in Europe, there was simply a European map with a single line extending into the Atlantic! A few years later under the first GÉANT project we had our first proper global map with 13 connections totalling just over 20Gbps.

Global connectivity has continued to grow, new regional projects have started and developed, and access speeds increased – to the extent that the global map we have used for several years had become far too ‘busy’. There is only space for so many lines – in fact it had become known as the ‘spaghetti map’!

So, we have taken the bold move of reinventing our global map, which will have its first outing on the opening day of TNC19, demonstrated at the GÉANT booth by Head of International Relations, Tom Fryer:

“Many of the key elements of the old map remain. You can see which countries are connected, and which belong to regional networks if not yet connected; you can see the approximate value of capacity between GÉANT and other world regions and countries. But the map is cleaner, fresher and easier to interpret. And for when you need to know the exact speed and location of end points of global links between GÉANT and our partners around the world, there is the interactive map at https://map.geant.org.”

If you are at TNC19 visit the GÉANT booth on Monday 17 June for the 10:30 GMT demo, or drop by anytime to ask questions. You can also find the new global map on the back pages of the new CONNECT magazine, also available from the GÉANT booth.

Further information:

Global map: www.geant.org/Resources/#maps
Interactive map: https://map.geant.org