​​​​MSP group invites lightning talks and presentations on funding for innovation


The GÉANT Special Interest Group on the Management of Service Portfolios, SIG-MSP (formerly known as TF-MSP) invites community participation in its next meeting, on 12-13 October, hosted by GARR in Rome. The main theme for discussion will be potential sources of funding for projects and innovation, and lightning talks on a range of subjects would be welcome.


SIG-MSP promotes collaboration between research and education networking organisations on the topics of strategic, business and cooperative management of services. The group provides a forum in which:

  • issues that arise at the boundary between management and technical aspects of service management can be explored;

  • inputs, discussions, ideas and feedback are provided that ultimately help participants in their business-as-usual with their own target groups, users, other target communities and individual stakeholders;

  • feedback is provided on initiatives that can serve as inspiration or recommendations for follow up within the GÉANT Project or other initiatives.

The preliminary agenda for the October meeting, the group's new charter and other information about its activities can be found on the SIG-MSP wiki space.


Evolu​tion from TF to SIG

After around ten years of activity as a task force, the MSP group decided to renew its charter as a special interest group, as it was felt this structure was a better fit for how the group had developed. The charter was reviewed by the GÉANT Community Committee and approved by the GÉANT Executive team in June.


The SIG-MSP steering committee is Martin Bech (DeiC – chair), Walter van Dijk (SURFnet), Harri Kuusisto (CSC-Funet), Alberto Pérez (RedIRIS) and Mark Tysom (Jisc).

Further information

The GÉANT Community Committee oversees the GÉANT Community Programme, which includes task forces and special interest groups - alongside workshops and small community projects - as mechanisms to foster community collaboration and support.