Invitation to first GÉANT cloud workshop 

You are invited to register for the first GÉANT cloud workshop, which will be hosted by GARR in Rome on 13-14 October, and co-located with SIG-MSP (Special Interest Group on Management of Service Portfolios) which meets on 12-13 October.

Within GÉANT, European NRENs (national research and education networking organisations) have been collaborating on cloud computing for several years. Cloud services are in high demand and NRENs are in a natural position to deliver such services with the right conditions: easy, secure and well integrated with the research and education community. We have reached an important junction in our work. With many services now available, the question is: how will NRENs make these available to their communities? 

This will be the primary focus of the first GÉANT cloud workshop, where an optimal delivery and adoption plan will be prepared.

Who should attend?

NREN Cloud Service Managers / Service Delivery Managers who are responsible for the provisioning of GÉANT cloud services to the national research and education users are invited to participate, with a view to becoming the designated contact person for the GÉANT cloud team.

What have our collective efforts achieved to date?

  • A joint set of requirements
  • A cloud strategy guide
  • A set of deployment use cases ​
  • The GÉANT Cloud Catalogue 
  •  Partnerships (MS Express Routes, AWS - Data egress charges waived off for R&E)

GÉANT cloud workshop agenda 

  • GÉANT cloud portfolio (what is available?) 
  • IaaS solutions (results of the joint NREN tender)
  • Other services (e.g. Microsoft ExpressRoutes)
  • Service delivery from NRENs to institutions (how can NRENs bring services to their communities?) 
  • How does the supply and adoption chain function?
  • Possible roles for NRENs
  • Service delivery operations
  • Interacting with your communities 
  • How can NRENs position themselves as a service delivery organisation?
  • How to engage with institutions?
  • User stories from NRENs with experience in cloud service deployment
  • Next steps (how can we collaborate?)
  • Wrap-up

Register now!

For the GEANT cloud workshop, register here: ​

Workshop participants are also welcome to attend the SIG-MSP meeting on 12-13 October, which will feature a clouds session and a themed discussion on sources of funding for projects and innovation. Presentations are still welcome! The preliminary agenda and registration link are on the SIG-MSP wiki space.