​Heads up for t​​he 2016 Compendium survey  


Every year GÉANT invites NRENs to participate in the Compendium survey, which was developed as part of the global collaborative Common NREN Model (CNIM). This usually happens around spring.  Due to new improvements in the process, this year NRENs will be requested to complete the GÉANT survey August-September. A notification message will follow upon the survey opening date.

What’s​​ New?

Last year the Compendium was written largely by experts from the research and education community. We will continue this successful approach. While keep on capturing facts, stats and trends, by asking you to answer a (reduced) number of questions, we plan to follow up with interviews this year for even better expert analysis and interpretation. In addition, the publication will be supported by more online materials. These changes are made to allow for an even more interesting and punchy read.     

Bench m​ark tool

The Compendium is valued by NRENs because it helps demonstrate NRENs successes, promotes inter-NREN collaboration and demonstrates that NRENs are providing good, secure and useful services. It is often used by NRENs as a benchmark tool and as a reference for funding bodies. Your NRENs contribution is crucial.  The 2016 Compendium edition is due to come out late spring 2017. More information is available at https://compendium.geant.org/​