​GÉANT launches new interactive map

Linz, Austria |  30 May 2017

GÉANT is rightly proud to reach over 100 countries worldwide via extensive global partnerships and GÉANT-managed networking projects, ensuring GÉANT and our NREN partners remain at the heart of global research and education networking. For many years our European network map and our iconic global map posters have been displayed around the world via VC screens and partner office walls. Whilst these printed maps and PDFs will continue for now, we’ve worked hard to bring these to life with a fully interactive map, being demonstrated today at the TNC17 GÉANT booth.

Intuitive and informative

Christian Gijtenbeek, Senior Software Engineer in GÉANT’s Software Development team says, “The brief was to give users an intuitive and informative experience that really added value. So for example, we don’t just show the network links, but the link speeds together with clickable partner and project information for each link. And the user can filter the view to see all routes with a certain speed, or zoom in and out to see more or less information.”

The interactive map shows links between European countries, links to partner networks worldwide as well as the backbone links of regional networks beyond Europe. Usefully, the map can also be configured to open at particular coordinates – meaning partners can use the map on their own websites with the start view based on their own location.

Useful for all our partners

Tom Fryer, Senior International Relations Officer at GÉANT adds, “This is the culmination of many months’ work and we’re delighted to bring it to the community. What I especially like is how it shows very clearly the extent of GÉANT connectivity and we’re hopeful it presents a really useful tool for our partners worldwide.”

The map will be demonstrated at the GÉANT booth at TNC17 on Tuesday 30 May at the morning coffee break, and will be available online soon after. Watch for further announcements!