​GÉANT congratulates Internet Hall of Fame 2017 Inductees 

Cambridge, UK and Amsterdam, NL | 21 September 2017​​

hall_banner.jpgNREN community well represented in 2017 Internet Hall of Fame list

Following the Internet Society’s announcement about the 2017 Internet Hall of Fame inductees​ this week, GÉANT would like to offer its congratulations to all the inductees, and specifically to several people in the list who are part of our NREN community. In the words of the Internet Society, these people are “visionaries who helped shape the internet… responsible for significant improvements in connectivity, key technical contributions and advancements that promote the internet’s use.” 

  • Jaap Akkerhuis​ was instrumental in the development of the Internet in the Netherlands and Europe since the early 1980s.
  • Yvonne Marie Andrés​ was one of the earliest people to use the Internet to develop and advance global e-learning opportunities for educators and students.
  • Edward Krol​ helped develop and deploy early Internet infrastructure through the creation of U.S. regional networks, and wrote one of the earliest non-technical Internet guides.
  • Nabil Bukhalid​ led the team at the American University of Beirut that brought the Internet to Lebanon and established the Lebanese Domain Registry. 
  • Ira Fuchs​ co-founded BITNET, a precursor to the Internet that offered many of the Internet’s core services years before the Internet’s commercialization.
  • Shigeki Goto​ was instrumental in the expansion of the Internet across Asia-Pacific.
  • Tadao Takahashi​ was instrumental in the planning and deployment of the Internet in Brazil, and founded and led Brazil’s National Research Network.
  • Florencio Utreras​ led the connection of Chile to the BITNET network in 1987 and headed Chile’s pioneer academic network.
  • Jianping Wu​ led the design, development and evolution of CERNET, the first Internet backbone in China, helping it become the largest national academic network.

They follow other notable NREN community members who have been recognised for their contributions, such as Dai Davies​, Erik Huizer​, Ida Holz​, Kees Neggers​Nii Quaynor​, Douglas Van Houweling​, Steve Huter​ and Stephen Wolff​, and further illustrate the value the NREN community continues to deliver. 

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