​GÉANT at Internet2 Global Summit 2017

The Internet2 Global Summit is a leading forum whose aim is to support and drive the advancement of research and education, spur next-generation innovation and accelerate global discovery. The summit gathers Chief Information Officers and leaders from institutions around the world in an environment of open engagement, free exchange, partnership and collaboration. It will take place in Washington DC, 23–26 April 2017.

This year GÉANT contributes to the Summit with an impressive list of speakers. This is a very prestigious international event and we are delighted and proud to take part by sharing our expertise and knowledge with the Summit’s global audience. Please find below a list of our representatives and the topics they will cover. 

GÉANT speakers at i2 Global Summit

24th April

  • Bringing K12 Education Closer to R&E Applications and Services – a session lead by Peter Szegedi, Project Development Officer (7:15-8:30)
  • The Great identity debate - Nicole Harris, Project Development Officer and Brook Schofield, Project Development Officer (3:00-4:00)
  • Clouds are happening - Mandeep Saini, Software Development Engineer (3:00-4:00)

25th April

  • Exploring the sociological and cultural challenges of International Research Engagement - Sylvia Kuijpers, Business Development Officer / Enzo Capone, Business Development Officer (1:15-2:30)​

26th April

  • Federation services at Global scale - Ann Harding, Trust and Identity Development Activity Leader, GÉANT Project, Network Operations, SWITCH (10:30-11:45)
  • Lightning talk session - Nicole Harris, Project Development Officer / Brook Schofield, Project Development Officer (13:15-14:30)
  • Enabling federated access - Licia Florio, Project Development Officer (14:30-15:30)

To find out more about GEANT’s involvement at i2 Global Summit 2017 contact Tom Fryer, Senior International Relations Officer for GÉANT at tom.fryer@geant.org​ and  visit http://meetings.internet2.edu/2017-global-summit/​