Excellent GÉANT Project receives highest possible rating 4 years in a row


6 July 2015 | Cambridge, UK


At the closing of its annual independent review Thursday, the GÉANT (GN3plus) Project received an unprecedented 4th ‘Excellent’ rating in a row. This achievement is even more impressive given the size and complexity of the project, spanning as it does 40 partners (plus 30 Open Call partners – see below) across Europe, over 850 participants, and an area of work that includes the world’s most advanced and best connected research and education network; leading edge user services; and an innovation programme that is laying the foundations for the internet of the future.


The review covered the second year of GN3plus, a 2 year phase of the long-running GÉANT project, which now continues in a new phase called GN4-1.


An ecosystem​​​​​​ for innovation

Year 2 saw GÉANT attracting 30 new partners from industry and academia through a GÉANT Open Call programme that has been an outstanding success, with 75% of those projects continuing to work with GÉANT beyond GN3plus. Their work and results are fully integrated with GÉANT’s research activities, and together with task forces and special interest groups, support an innovation programme that itself is closely coupled with service development and delivery activities.


This carefully evolved ecosystem – where innovative services are researched, developed and delivered with direct NREN and user input – connects and empowers research and education communities within Europe and across other world regions.


Supporting many of the largest research pro​jects

By interconnecting Europe’s NRENs and facilitating high speed links with other global regions, GÉANT connects schools, universities and the world’s most ambitious research projects – including the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the biggest collaboration supported by GÉANT. This past year has also seen transatlantic connectivity grow to a total of 240Gbps, and a strengthening of all GÉANT’s global relationships, helping to ensure the world’s biggest research projects continue to include participants the world over. Their participation is often enabled by GÉANT’s innovative services such as eduGAIN – interconnecting identity federations to link services and users worldwide – and the roaming service eduroam, which continues to flourish registering over 180 million eduroam authentications every month and rising.


Matthew Scott and Niels Hersoug, Joint Project Managers, GN3plus added: “Only 10% of EC-funded projects receive this highest assessment so this does not come easy or happen by chance, it was a result of a huge amount of work and dedication from everybody involved – the Project Management Office; the Coordinators, Activity Leaders, Task Leaders and participants; those involved through various committees, particularly the Exec, QASPER, CSWG and Advisory Boards; and the GN3plus partners who committed their often scarce resources. Well done all!”​

​July 2015
The GÉANT Project (GN3plus) Year 2 Highlights
Highlights of the second year of the EC funded GN3plus project from April 2014 to March 2015.​


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​July 2015
The Innovation Ecosystem – GN3plus Year 2 Highlights
Highlights of the GÉANT Innovation Programme from the second year of the EC funded GN3plus project.


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