​Enlighten Your Research India-Europe: Boosting International Research Cooperation with NKN & GÉANT 

Now accepting submissions for the first Enlighten Your Research India2Europe program
Submissions now closed.


Are you interested in incorporating open science platforms, high performance computing, data storage and/or data transfer tools into your research process? Are you a researcher in India looking to collaborate with European research institutions or European universities? Or are you a European researcher aiming to collaborate with research institutions in India? We invite you to submit a project proposal to the first-ever Enlighten Your Research program focusing on collaborations between India and Europe, called EYR-India2Europe. 

Enlighten Your Research​ (EYR) is a program designed to increase the use and awareness of e-infrastructure resources in various fields of research. The goal of this new EYR-India2Europe is to provide access and support for network, compute, and storage resources to meet the growing data needs of research, in addition to inspiring new and understanding existing collaborations between India and Europe. You can read examples of past EYR projects here: https://eyr.surf.nl/​.

This program is organised by two of the largest research and education networks in the world, NKN and GÉANT, to foster international collaborations and to accelerate the research and discovery process. To further promote the benefits of computer networks to researchers through this international program, we are challenging researchers to stretch the boundaries of their science and collaborate with other countries to perform experiments enabled by the research and education network infrastructure, services and support.

Who are we looking for?

All researchers from any discipline are invited to submit a proposal, but especially researchers in the medical sciences and engineering. The program is open to all ranges of research teams - from novice to expert in the use of information technology - to support their projects.

We kindly ask you to submit a proposal if you are a researcher who:

  1. Aims to collaborate in a joint research project with Indian and European researchers;
  2. Requires access to advanced networks and compute facilities;
  3. Can benefit from collaboration with engineers and (support) experts to improve your research workflow. 

How can you submit?

There are two stages to the submission process for an EYR-India2Europe proposal. 


The first proposal is submitted electronically by answering the following questions in an online form:

  • What is your primary research objective?
  • Do you need to collaborate with other researchers in different countries?
  • Presently, what technology do you use in your research in terms of computing, storage and networking (internet services)?
  • What collaboration tools do you use to communicate with your collaborators?
  • In the next 1-2 years, what technology (in terms of computing, storage and networking) could you use to accelerate your research?

The First Submission Proposal can be completed online HERE!​ 

Stage 2: 

If your project proposal is accepted, you will receive a final proposal template which has to be filled out by you (the main applicant) and your collaborators.

More information about submitting can be found in the Terms & Conditions (.pdf) and the FAQs​ (.pdf)

What are the benefits?

Example infrastructure services and resources that are made available through EYR-India2Europe include (but are not limited to)

  • High Performance Computing (HPC) resources​
  • Access to European Research results using Open Science publications and datasets (OpenAIRE)
  • Knowledge and experience of the Indian Centres of Excellence in Science and Research
  • Network services for resource-demanding research projects and long-distance collaboration
  • Cloud resources for collaborative projects across borders

The final selected projects for EYR-India2Europe will receive:

- Connections to e-infrastructure resources in Europe through collaborations with universities and research institutes.

- Commitment to an agreed level of resource provisioning and support for 1 year.

- Support and advice on the use of network services and end-to-end network connectivity.

If your final proposal is selected for the EYR-India2Europe program, a representative of the Indian partner will be invited to attend the NKN Annual Workshop on Cybersecurity in autumn 2018 in Varanasi, India and to present your research project at this conference. The NKN Annual Workshop is a high-level event org​​​anised by NKN with attendance by invitation only.

Need help finding international collaborators?

There are many organisations in Europe seeking or willing to collaborate! Send us an email before the submission deadline at nkn4research@nkn.in​  and we may be able to help find the right collaborators. 

​Important dates

​Monday, 15 January 2018​Call for Participation opens for 1st round proposals
​Wednesday, 7 February 2018​Extended deadline for 1st ro​​und proposals submissions
Monday, 12 February 2018Notification of 1st round proposals are sent via email
​February 2018​Consultation meetings with researchers and experts will be held
​Thursday, 1 March 2018​Final proposals are due
​Thursday, 15 March 2018​Awarded proposals are announced
​​May 2018 - May 2019 Awarded projects are implemented
​Autumn 2018
​Award Ceremony at NKN Conference in Varanasi

If you have any questions please contact nkn4research@nkn.in​

Organising and Supporting Partners 

NKN (National Knowledge Network) is a state-of-the-art pan-India network for research and education. Establishing NKN is a significant step towards ushering in a knowledge revolution in India with connectivity to over 1645 institution till date. 

It is the largest network of its kind globally as it carries educational, e-governance and internet traffic. Concurrently with strengthening its national footprint NKN focuses on improving international connectivity, providing Indian researchers and student with access to the global research and education community. NKN has peered with Research and Education Networks (RENs) such as TEIN in Asia Pacific, GÉANT in Europe, Internet2 in USA and NORDUnet for Nordic countries i.e. Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. NKN has its own PoPs (Point of Presence) at Amsterdam, Singapore, Geneva and upcoming PoPs at New York, Canarie and other global RENs are on the roadmap.

GÉANT is Europe's leading collaboration on network and related infrastructure and services for the benefit of research and education, contributing to Europe's economic growth and competitiveness. The organisation develops, delivers and promotes advanced network and associated e-infrastructure services, and supports innovation and knowledge-sharing amongst its members, partners and the wider research and education networking community. For more information visit www.geant.org and follow us on Twitter @GEANTnews