​European Commission highlights importance of GÉANT and NRENs

04 March 2016 | Cambridge, UK​

At this week’s Research Data Alliance (RDA) meeting taking place in Tokyo, Michael Hager, Head of the Private Office (Cabinet) of European Commissioner Oettinger made a video address in the plenary session on 1 March. In it he stressed the important role of high-speed infrastructures, such as those of GÉANT and its NREN partners, in enabling research collaboration and access to data on a pan-European and global basis.​

In particular Hager gave recognition to GÉANT’s support for research in areas such as climate change, food and energy supply and particle physics, and the links between Asia-Pacific (the TEIN network) and GÉANT in order to fulfil the continents' wish to connect research and education communities across borders and accelerate scientific breakthrough. 

"In Europe, the high-speed infrastructure GÉANT enables research collaboration and knowledge sharing by interconnecting research, education and innovation communities worldwide, with secure, high-capacity networks. Furthermore, GÉANT collaborates globally with research and education network partners to ensure high performance connectivity and to make a range of services available to user groups across the world, enhancing their ability to work together." 

The message goes on to talk about the importance of Big Data to the future success of the European economy and references the European Commission's soon-to-be-published European Cloud Initiative whose aim is to offer researchers a trusted open environment for storing, sharing and re-using scientific data and results, realising the potential of Open Science. The EC’s ambition is that all research in Europe has access to world-class supercomputing, data storage and analysis to support research-driven innovation ecosystems.  

Further Information

The video is availa​ble here: ​

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl11gt8F4lQ ​

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