​Dorte Olesen retires from the GÉANT Board of Directors

27 November 2017 | Cambridge UK, Amst​erdam NL


GÉANT says Thank You for many years of dedication to the research and education community. 

 “Dorte has been a member of our community for so many years, it is almost impossible to summarise all of her roles and her achievements in an after dinner speech”, said Christian Grimm, Chairman of the GÉANT Board of Directors during his address to Dorte in the presence of all members of the GÉANT General Assembly (held 22-23 November in Prague). “We will remember Dorte always as the TERENA President from 2003 to 2009 who ensured TERENA´s role in the GÉANT project, as the GÉANT NREN-PC Chair (2012 to 2014) successfully manoeuvring through ever increasing project responsibilities and complexities and of course as a member of the GÉANT Board of Directors (2014 to 2017) during the challenging times of the merger of DANTE and TERENA.”

Mar​tin Bech, CEO of DeiC, the Danish NREN, went a little further and took the community back to 1973 when Dorte received her Masters in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Copenhagen, followed by her PhD in 1975 (Southern Denmark University) and becoming Associate Professor (University of Copenhagen) in 1980 and the first female Full professor of mathematics in Denmark (Roskilde University) in 1988. With a well-known photographic hobby that has captured so many community events and memories over the years, Martin was able to show many photos of Dorte that highlighted her achievements and her leadership within Denmark and across Europe:  from bringing Internet as a Service to the general public in Denmark over chairing the Danish Association for the Advancement of Science to being a member of the Danish Council for Research Policy, the Committee on technology-supported learning formed by the Danish Minister of Education, or the Committee for the Norwegian Scientific Computing Initiative, or her active participation in many TNCs. 

dorte.jpgDorte has been a member of numerous Expert Groups for the EC, starting in 1992 with the High Performance Computing and Networking Advisory Committee of the European Commission, where she chaired its Networking Subgroup. During 2001-2005, she was a member of the EC “Expert Group on ICT in Education” under DG Education & Culture, in 2010-11 a member of the “High Level Expert Group on the Future of GÉANT” under DG INFSO and in 2013 a member of the “Expert Group on the Implementation of the ERA Communications” for DG Research.

Christian presented Dorte with quite a collection of GÉANT give-aways and also a printed sneak preview of the joint DANTE and TERENA timeline, which will form a centre-piece of our new office space in Amsterdam. We felt this is very fitting, as Dorte co-authored many of the steps taken towards this very successful merger of TERENA and DANTE. 

And, yes, we agree with our Chairman: it is difficult to summarise Dorte´s role and do her full justice. So, we say Thank You, Dorte, and wish you all the best for your future endeavours.