​Corsa enables virtual services delivery for​ GÉANT ​​

OTTAWA, ON (Canada) | May 16, 2016 ​

Delivering true at-speed hardware virtualization, Corsa Technology​, the leader in performance SDN switching, today announced Corsa data planes enabling a state-of-the-art virtual switching environment.


corsa_logo.jpgThe Corsa hardware platform allows network service providers to partition the Corsa hardware into multiple independent virtual SDN switches coexisting on the same platform with each operating at full line-rate performance – even at 100Gbps.  The hardware, with open, standard programming interfaces, allows network architects and operators to slice their network switching elements into virtual switching and routing instances providing customers with tailored virtual SDN environments with full network flow spaces, under customer control, and with internet-scale and performance.

GÉANT SDN R&D leads to new 10G/100G network hardware virtualization platform

Working in collaboration with GÉANT, the pan European research networking consortium, and building from the results of GÉANT R&D in SDN and on-going work with Corsa SDN pipelines, the Corsa virtualized SDN platform now makes it possible for a network administrator to create virtual network environments that users can operate as their own at-speed virtual switching or routing network.  The user’s virtual service instance behaves with all the scale and performance of a stand-alone physical 10G or 100G switch.  The virtual instance operates with full independence, implementing any user specified OpenFlow 1.3 protocol control primitive or flow specification on their logical switch while being fully isolated from other virtual instances sharing the same hardware platform.  Using true hardware virtualization, multiple dedicated OpenFlow capable networks, serving different user applications and communities, can co-exist in parallel – transparently sharing common hardware.   Thus both extending full and direct control to those client applications that require it while simultaneously delivering a greater ROI on the hardware CAPEX investment of the service provider.

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