​CONNECT 27 now online!​

​The latest issue (#27) of CONNECT magazine is published today, ready not only for this week's DI4R 2017 conference and the co-located European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Stakeholder Forum, but also the e-AGE Conference to be held in Cairo next week. As such, the magazine includes: 

  • ​​Special Feature: DI4R 2017: Connecting the Building Blocks for Open Science
  • GÉANT and the European Open Science Cloud
  • Interview with Yousef Torman of ASREN
  • A focus on the Human Brain Project
  • Interviews with CEDIA CEO Juan Pablo Carvallo
  • Voice of the GÉANT Board: Valter Nordh
  • … and so much more! 

We hope you enjoy the issue and welcome your feedback. If you would like to contribute articles for CONNECT or discuss opportunities further, please contact us at connect@geant.org

To view the latest issue visit the CONNECT home page. ​