​Blogging training and feedback at next SIG-Marcomms meeting

The GÉANT Special Interest Group on Marketing Communications, SIG-Marcomms, formerly known as TF-CPR, is providing a 'light' training in blogging during its next meeting. Participants will experience the training and provide feedback, so that materials can be developed for the broader research and education networking community.


All national research and education network organisation staff working in marketing, communications and public relations are invited to attend. The meeting will be hosted by EENet of HITSA, in Tallinnn, Estonia on 27-29 September. Register.


Jan Michielsen (SURFnet) 

This training will be provided by Jan Michielsen (SURFnet) and will be embedded in discussions about communications strategy and how marketing communications professionals can help their technical colleagues to produce blogs that are engaging, well written and achieve their goal of sharing news or providing thought leadership.


The Tallinn meeting will also provide insights into the GÉANT Community Programme and GÉANT Project (GN4-2) developments, as well as opportunities for participants to share their own updates, show off their successes and seek ideas in facing their challenges.


​About SIG-Marcomms

Having operated for more than ten years as TF-CPR - the task force on communications and public relations - participants in this GÉANT community work group decided to take the opportunity to become a SIG instead in 2016.


As a special interest group steered by a committee of participants, SIG-Marcomms puts more emphasis on ensuring that meetings provide valuable, practical experiences, as well as the opportunity to share best practices. This means an increasing focus on in-meeting training sessions when possible.


The blogging training in Tallinn follows a session in the Stockholm meeting on 16-18 March this year, in which the host, SUNET, kindly provided training in how storytelling techniques can be applied to marketing communications.


SIG-Marcomms welcomes anyone from the research and education networking community with appropriate interest, experience or need to attend the group's meetings – which are held three times per year and, where possible, coincide with other relevant events – and to join the mailing list. Subscribe to the mailing list.


Further information

See the agenda for the Tallinn meeting. Presentation slides and notes will be added here.