As well as participating in major exhibitions, conferences and workshops across the community, GÉANT also organises and runs training workshops, working group meetings, management meetings, and the internationally renowned annual networking conference, TNC


We also provide an online calendar and registration tool where community members can upload information about their events alongside ours. See the sample of forthcoming community events below and click through to get the full list on our events system, EventR.

TNC22 | 13-17 June 2022
TNC22 will take place in Trieste, Italy from 13-17 June 2022. You can learn more at: https://tnc22.geant.org/

If you wish to receive updates and information on TNC22, you can join our TNC mailing list.

​Community Events
GÉANT Events Calendar: Powered by CERN's open-source Indico tool.

This service allows you to:
  • register for events;
  • manage your own events, from simple meetings to complex conferences and workshops;
  • see a calendar overview of events in the wider research and education networking community, to help you avoid scheduling your event on dates that clash with other relevant events.