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​​​​Game-changer for c​lou​​d services


36 NRENs across Europe can now offer a range of IaaS cloud services from leading suppliers to their institutions and users.

The collaboration of the European NRENs in GÉANT on cloud services has reached an important milestone. Over the past year, 36 NRENs conducted a Pan-European tender for IaaS services: a collective invitation to suppliers to submit a bid to supply their services. The tender aims to allow European Research and Education institutions to consume the cloud in a safe, easy and predictable way, where services meet European and national regulations, have attractive pricing, are connected to the community’s networks and identity management capabilities and can be purchased in a controlled and transparent manner. This demand aggregation of NRENs and their circa 10,000 participating institutions creates a substantial single digital market.


There was a strong interest in the tender from suppliers. More than 100 companies registered for the procurement and the evaluation of the proposals was comprehensive. The following providers have qualified and will become part of the GÉANT Cloud Catalogue IaaS portfolio:​

  • Amazon, through resellers: Arcus, Comparex, Telecom Italia
  • Cloudsigma
  • Dimension Data
  • Interoute
  • itSoft
  • KPN
  • Lattelecom
  • Microsoft, through resellers: Atea, Cacttus, Comparex, Dom-Daniel, Infosoft, Micromail, Nextsense, Novabase, SoftwareOne, Span and Ymens
  • NTT Europe
  • T-Systems
  • Telecom Italia
  • Vancis


GÉANT is now in the process of transferring the tender outcomes into framework agreements with these companies, which will contain standardised terms of use with a four- year lifespan. The IaaS portfolio will be ready in September, for the NRENs to make these contracts available to their institutions. Institutions do not need to run separate tenders themselves and can easily consume the IaaS solutions via either a direct award or a mini- competition. This efficient supply-chain saves the institutions and the service providers time and money and positions the NRENs as the 'above-the-net' service delivery organisations for Research and Education in Europe. This portfolio of services also delivers a firm basis for bringing the EC’s European Cloud Initiative and European Open Science Cloud to fruition.


NRENs wi​ll be assisted with bringing the services to their institutions by the GÉANT cloud team. This support consists of:

  • Communication materials (templates for the NRENs to use when communicating with their communities).
  • An online IaaS service matrix, as part of the GÉANT cloud catalogue, which allows customers of this tender to see the outcomes and
  • drill down to the detailed answers from suppliers.
  • Meetings and workshops (online and face-to-face) on service delivery and adoption. The first GÉANT Cloud Workshop takes place in Rome on 13-14 October 2016 and zooms in on how NRENs can make the IaaS services available to their communities

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