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​Delivering an integrated services p​​​ortfolio



GÉA​NT develops services to sup​​port researchers, educators and innovators - at national, European and international levels. These services are both developed through the GÉANT project and also by the community. Our portfolio of advanced services covers connectivity, trust identity and security, real-time communications, and clouds services. To help support the networking community and the wider research and education users serving_banner.jpgGÉANT’s service portfolio can be grouped into five

core families;

  • Connectivity
  • Trust Identity and Security
  • Real-time Communications
  • Cloud Services
  • Professional Services

With such a breadth and depth of services it is vital that this portfolio is carefully integrated to support the user community.


As the largest element of the GÉANT project the inter-NREN network services are perhaps one of the most significant components of the service portfolio. These connectivity services support the NRENs in delivering world-class network facilities to the research and education community.

High Ca​​​pacity ​Services

GÉANT’s core function is to provide the NRENs with a private networking service to support research and education. Working at speeds of up to 100Gbps, GÉANT provides core connectivity that enables advanced research across Europe and, with its connections to International partners, around the world.

GÉANT also works to extend high performance access to countries and regions that do not currently have access, in order to support truly global collaboration. This connectivity underpins the work of a wide range of e-infrastructure projects and activities by providing a high performance, reliable and cost- effective international communications platform for research.

User Empow​erment

eduroam provides students and researchers access to thousands of wifi access points in over 70 countries worldwide and offers access using a single, secure login facility - making international collaboration much easier. With an estimated 3 billion authentications per year and over 1 billion international authentications, eduroam is an essential service for millions of researchers ​around the world


Today, access to online services is crucial to research and education. Students, researchers and institute staff rely on them for research, collaboration, e-learning, and teaching. Trusted digital identities allow them to simply and securely access content and services. GÉANT provides technologies that build trust, promote security and support the use of online identities. This trust and identity model is an essential component of many infrastructure projects by bringing together services and users in a scalable, manageable and secure manner.

eduGAIN enables single-sign-on access for students and researchers from 1500 institutions worldwide to over 1000 academic services.​

The range of Trust Identity and Security services extend far beyond just eduGAIN with GÉANT providing services to help NRENs develop Identity Federations, provide certification services, and deliver security services and training to their users.


Online communications are crucial to research and education. Students, researchers and institute staff rely on

e-learning services and audio and video conferencing to learn and share. This is a rapidly developing area and GÉANT is working to support and foster innovation for the national research and education networking (NREN) organisations and their communities. Developments in Video Conferencing (particularly WebRTC services) and supporting e- learning are crucial elements of the GÉANT service portfolio and will help NRENs and the wider R&E community. These services will provide tangible benefits to users across Europe. Many of these services will be designed to be implemented and managed on cloud based platforms.


From large scale computing facilities to personalised storage, Cloud services offer higher education and research organisations the opportunity to become more agile and provide their users with a wider range of relevant IT services at a faster pace to fulfil user demand. Cloud services can be accessed directly by users needing advanced and flexible storage and computing facilities but can also be used as a delivery platform for other services developed and delivered by the NRENs and GÉANT.


From Training to Project Management, GÉANT has a range of skills and services to help share knowledge and develop human capital across the R&E networking community. Through its secretariat support of Task Forces and Special Interest Groups, GÉANT enables innovation and sharing of best practice in a wide range of fields. By using the power and flexibility of the cloud, GÉANT helps research and education institutions to deliver maximum value to their users.​

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