GÉANT interconnects research​​​, education an​​​​d innovati​on communities worldwide, with​ secure, high-capacity networks.


We plan, procure and build the large-scale, high-spe​​​​​ed networks that are essent​​ial for sharing, accessing an​​​d processing the high data volumes generated by research an​​​​​​​d education communities, and for testing innovative technologies and applications.​​​​


GÉANT also provides network and collaboration services that facilitate international cooperation between researchers and educators, and brings people together for the human networking that drives innovation. ​​

This all-new website brings together news and updates on the GN4-3N Project, information on our international connectivity and partners, and access to the GÉANT interactive map.

Pan-European​​ network

Europe's essential terabit-ready network is the most advanced and well-connected research and education ne​twork in the world.​​​​​

Global networking

Interconnecting research and education communities across the world.

Network ope​rations

Supporting the GÉANT networks - ensuring reliability, security and integrity.


​​network_banner.jpg Planning for the future of the GÉANT network​​