Meet the second Line Support Team​


Asif Noor.jpg​​Asif Noor

Asif has a strong background in I.T. and previously worked within the banking sector covering a variety of technologies and managing projects, before deciding to bring his family to Cambridge.  Asif has an Engineering Degree from the University of Karachi and he has worked in the GEANT Operations Centre since 2012 where his broad analytical and communication skills are invaluable. 

Luca_Rinaldi_small.gifLuca Rinaldi

Luca is in his second stint working for GÉANT having previously worked in the GEANT Operations team up until 2011. He has a wide breadth of experience, strong optical and transmission knowledge and a solid operational background.  Before returning to GEANT, Luca spent 3 years in the UAE supporting oil field communications systems.  He hails from Italy originally but is fluent in several languages.  Luca’s degree is in Electronic Engineering from Rome University and he spends some of his spare time keeping up to date on quantum physics and eating potato crisps.  Luca has worked at the GEANT Operations Centre since 2014.

Darren Clarke.jpgDarren Clarke

Darren’s career has been varied and largely within technical service support and delivery roles.  His decision to return to academia to complete a Computer Science Degree was driven by a desire to learn more about areas in which he was frustrated by inefficiencies.   Prior to that Darren held senior roles in various organisations in the Cambridge area of England.   He joined GEANT following graduation in order to work in the world of computer networks.  He brings his broad skills, maturity and a sense of joy-de-vivre to the GEANT Operations Centre team where he has worked since 2011.​

roland.jpgRoland Amofa
Roland joined the GEANT family in 2017.  His Masters Degree was Electrical and Electronic engineering from Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium.  Post graduating he has worked in networking and he holds a CCIE and various other qualifications that make him well qualified to support the GEANT network and its varied user base.  ​Roland previously worked for 9 years in the private sector supporting the network of a global HR company.  He hails from Ghana originally but is a Belgium national.  He speaks 3 languages, loves M&Ms and collects M&M tubes on his desk. 

Josep Rovira.jpg​Josep Rovira

Josep has a varied background and came to I.T. and telecommunications later in his career. Before coming to research he combined a part time Computer Science Degree with his previous technical support role.  Josep is from Spain and is a great assistance when dealing with Spanish or French speaking colleagues.  Josep has worked at GEANT since 2010 and has now finally learned to make English tea.​

​​Temoor Khan.jpgTemoor Khan

Temoor began his career in the ISP industry and latterly worked in voice and transmission. As such Temoor is equally at home with all levels of the OSI stack. Temoor has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from UET Lahore.  He has worked in the GEANT Operations Centre Team since 2012 where one of his primary roles is to provide chocolate to the team.​

Tony Barber.jpgTony Barber

Tony has worked in the engineering industry for 28 years. Starting with OSS support in the UK Ministry Of Defence, network administration at the University of Oxford and then through the early days of the European internet designing and building ISP backbones for the largest UK, European and global ISPs of their day. He then left the enterprise world to start an engineering business which grew successfully for nearly 10 years before he decided on a change of direction. Following a career break and a brief spell of commercial flying he ended up working back in the academic world with the GÉANT Project. He has a degree in Information Technology and Telecommunications.  Tony has been at GEANT since 2012 and one of his primary roles is to eat the chocolate that Temoor provides.​

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