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 ​All networks are seeing a rise in malicious attacks with hackers from around the world seeking to penetrate or disrupt network services.  These attacks not only cause delays and affect users of the networks but can often be used by hackers to cloak more aggressive threats.  Of these Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can be some of the most visible and hardest to counter but there are many different security threats that NRENs need to be able to identify and defend against.


GÉANT has implemented a range of functions​ and facilities to help support NRENs in identifying, tracking and mitigating against anomalous traffic patterns.


The NSHaRP process provides a mechanism to quickly and effectively inform affected users and to manage the mitigation process.​

 ​It allows Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs)​ to tailor how and for what type of incidents they want their notifications to be triggered for. The system serves as an extension to the national research and education networking (NREN) organisations CERTs, if they do not have either the available human or the technical resources to monitor for security incidents affecting their users.  ​


NSHaRP extends the NRENs' detection and mitigation capability across into the GÉANT network and to its borders with other networks, therefore enabling the attack to be mitigated before it transits the GÉANT network. This is a highly innovative and unique security service in that it caters for different requirements from each NREN, by enabling the customisation of their NREN specific alerts in their hands.​​


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