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Canada and USA

There is a long–standing relationship between pan-European research and education networking and R&E networks in Canada and the USA, which has led to diverse transatlantic links being established in reciprocal arrangements between the two continents. 
In this collaborative environment, GÉANT provides a 100Gbps link to New York, along with other links provided by Internet2 and CANARIE, ESnet, Indiana University, SURF and NORDUnet, and NII/SINET (Japanese NREN) on the Advanced North Atlantic (ANA) collaboration. ANA ensures that there is abundant capacity and no single points of failure, enabling research and education traffic between the two regions to flow seamlessly.

GÉANT's North American partners


In Canada the research and education networking environment is provided for by CANARIE.

In the USA the key national organisations are ESnet, Internet2, Indiana University and the NASA Integrated Services Network (NISN), each of which caters for a subset of the US research and education community.


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Latin America

RedCLARA - the Latin American research and education network


The RedCLARA non-profit organisation manages the pan-Latin American RedCLARA research and education network. It interconnects national research and education networks (NRENs) in the region and interconnects with the GÉANT network via a 10Gbps transatlantic link between Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Paris (France).

The BELLA Consortium, of which GÉANT and RedCLARA are partners, is currently working to deploy 100Gbps capacity between Europe and Latin America on a new direct submarine cable system, EllaLink, that will be operational in early 2021. BELLA is also deploying a 100Gbps network throughout South America that will ensure 100Gbps capacities between NRENs in the two regions. BELLA is co-funded by the EU through DG CNECT, DG DEFIS and DG DEVCO.
For more information about RedCLARA, visit www.redclara.net

For more information about BELLA, visit www.bella-programme.eu


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