Global service collaboration


Research and education are global in their nature. Consequently GÉANT collaborates closely with its global research and education networking partners, not only to ensure that the required connectivity is in place, but also to make a range of services available to user groups across the world, enhancing their ability to work together.


Collaboration with GÉANT’s global partners covers areas such as network performance monitoring, connectivity roaming (eduroam) and federated access (eduGAIN), and real-time communications (eduCONF and


Through the EC-funded MAGIC (Middleware for collaborative Applications and Global vIrtual Communities) project the GÉANT community also collaborates with partners in Latin America, the Caribbean, North Africa and the Middle East, West and Central Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa, Central Asia and Asia-Pacific towards establishing a marketplace of services and real-time applications for international and inter-continental research groups. extending the reach of eduroam and eduGAIN globally, and providing for improved real-time collaboration.


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Global Networks

The Americas

Canada and USA

Latin America

Africa, Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East


Asia and Pacific


Central Asia



Global service collaboration