​Who Benefits from eduTEAMS?

​​eduTEAMS will help research collaborations manage access to their services where there are users in multiple institutions or countries, and where access toe services also depends on an individuals's role or status within a collaboration.   eduTEAMs benefits a wide range of individuals and groups and helps make the management of teams and services much easier;

The collaboration gets the benefits of federated identity management for authorisation by integrating with eduGAIN to ensure each user can use their existing identity.  eduTEAMs then adds  the benefits of a persistent identifier for a user that is specific to a collaboration.  This allows the collaboration to manage itself as a team rather than as a disparate group of individuals.  This is of particular benefit when managing outsourced services as multi-user contracts can be negotiated reducing costs and enabling data persistancy across the team.

With the rise in public/private collaborations not all members of these teams will be part of the R&E community and so won't be using eduGAIN federated IDs. eduTEAMs allows these users to join the team by using an existing identity (e.g. using a social ID), and so they can collaborate on an equal level.

  • eduTEAMS benefits end users by allowing them to use their home organisation credentials to access services outside their campus in a privacy preserving, secure way.
  • eduTEAMS benefits national identity federations by enabling their infrastructures to more easily serve complex federated authorization needs without increasing individual national investment.
  • eduTEAMS supports the key features identified in by the FIM4R Federated Identity Management for Research Group as key for research collaboration.

eduTEAMS for R&E communities​

  • Helps manage access to the services for participants across multiple geographical locations and organisations.
  • Outsource AAI with eduTEAMS to simplify deployment of AAI and reduce need for subject matter experts
  • Focus on research topics, rather than building AAI solutions
  • Work flexibly with researchers outside the footprint of eduGAIN, e.g. using a social ID without that IdP being directly connected to a given service
  • Provide benefits of federated identity management for authorisation

eduTEAMS for Federation Operators​

  • Many Federation have no support for Collaborative Organisations in their communities, eduTEAMS may be offered and supported trough the Federation
  • Enables to serve complex federated authorisation needs without increasing individual national investment.
  • Provide support to collaborative organisations within participating communities
  • Connect and support services connected to eduTEAMS
  • Enhance federations’ international collaboration services on top of eduTEAMS

eduTEAMS for Service Providers

  • Connect and support services connected to eduTEAMS
  • Host your AAI services in ​​eduTEAMS​​