eduTEAMS is

A suite of services that supports AAI for R&E collaborations

  • eduTEAMS Identity Hub
  • An Identity Provider for users without federated login
  • Proxies multiple external identity providers to one single, persistent SAML2 IdP. 
  • Use from within eduGAIN
  • Let the end user choose favorite ID provider
  • Offers persistent identifier for user
  • Allows account recovery if Guest ID solution ‘goes away’ 
  • Present Level of Assurance( LOA) information on IdP

eduTEAMS Membership Registration Service 

  • A platform for managing groups, attributes and enrolment processes. 
  • Registry for research collaboration persistent Identifier
  • Research collaboration specific workflows for on-boarding
  • Helps to formalise membership management,
  • Distribute authorisation on membership to the right people
  • Gather additional attributes beyond identity providers

eduTEAMS Discovery Service

  • Allows research collaboration to easily customise the list of organisations that users can choose from to log in.
  • Default integration is simple “one line configuration” presenting a list of trusted Identity Providers for the Service Provider.
  • Possibility for the Service Provider admin to maintain more detailed list of Identity Providers using a web tool.
  • Modern visual appearance with mobile support.​

​​Find ​Out More

To find out more about eduTEAMs visit the eduTEAMS wiki​. ​