eduTEAMS Pilot Launched

The GÉANT project is happy to announce the immediate availablility of eduTEAMS 1.0 release which includes the Membership Management Service (MMS).


eduTEAMS MMS is the first of a suite of services provided by GÉANT that support collaborative organisation to effectively leverage Authentication and Authorization Infrastuctu​res. EduTEAMS MMS buil​ds on top of eduGAIN and allows collaborations to record and manage group and role information and deliver that information to their services.


eduTEAMS MMS has the following features:

  • A hosted platform for managing groups, attributes and enrolment processes.
  • Registry for research collaboration persistent Identifier
  • Research collaboration specific workflows for on-boarding
  • Helps to formalise membership management,
  • Distribute authorisation on membership to the right people
  • Gather additional attributes beyond identity providers

​The eduTEAMS platform will release new components shortly, including eduTEAMS Identity Hub and eduTEAMS Discovery Service.

For more information on eduTEAMS please visit:

To request a pilot with eduTEAMS MMS, please contact us at