​How​ eduTEAMS works

​​​eduTEAMS works by allowing team administrators to add user identities into a virtual team. These identities can be from a range of organisations (both interfederated by eduGAIN and even third party identities).  

Each identity can then be allocated a range of additional, team specific attributes.  For example a user from campus A and a team member using a Facebook identity can both be given ​specific roles within the team.

Team members can then be linked to services in groups.

New members can be allocated to a group and can inherit all the privileges and access of that group without having to manually add them to each service.

Equally when a member leaves their access to all services can be revoked with one instruction avoiding the need for the administrator to track and remove their access from each service individually.  

This ability to add and remove users in a clear and consistent manner improves productivity and security of the team's data and services.

All users maintain their individual identities and do not need to be allocated or learn new usernames or passwords. Increasing security, reducing the overhead of managing teams and improving the user experience.