Getting Started with eduTEAMS 

eduTEAMS is designed to make collaboration easier by helping projects and communities manage and control access to services and data. It provides a central point for the community to manage its user membership, to connect Identity Providers and Service Providers and to define and apply access and sharing policies. 

For Community Managers 

There are three key steps involved for a community manager or leader in the building of an eduTEAMS Virtual Organization (VO).

Step 1 – Create a Virtual Organisation

The eduTEAMS platform provides a choice of group membership management systems so you can choose the one most appropriate to your needs. Supported systems include COmanage, HEXAA and Perun. 

Step 2 – Add Groups and Roles  

Each group membership management system allows different groups and roles to be created within the VO that can be used by services in order to grant access to users. This provides the VO manager a high level of granularity of control. Team members can be added or removed from groups, assigned or removed from roles without needing to manage their individual identities.

Step 3 – Bring your community of users

Community manager can invite members to join. Users can authenticate themselves using their eduGAIN federated identity, or where this is not available, through a broad set of external identity providers including Google and Facebook etc.

For Users 

To join a VO, users will normally be invited by the VO Manager, however eduTEAMS allows users to search for available VOs on the eduTEAMS platform and apply for membership following the specified VO policies and procedures.  

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