TF-WebRTC​​: Web Real-Time Communications

Embracing the challenges and opportunities of Web real-time communication technologies.

This task force ended in September 2016 and has been superseded by SIG-Multimedia


The Task Force on WebRTC helped the research and education networking community to prepare for the challenges and opportunities that Web real-time communications (WebRTC) may bring to cross-boundary research and education.


WebRTC services offer the potential for high-quality audio / video communication capabilities to anyone with a web browser. Such capabilities were previously only available using proprietary systems and software. These technologies create opportunities for the European research and education community to solve its real-time communication challenges in novel ways.


TF-WebRTC investigated how the European research and education community can best benefit from these technologies and their application across institutional boundaries for all researchers, lecturers, administrative staff and students.

More informa​tion

Learn more about this activity by visiting the TF-WebRTC wiki space.

Chair: Mihaly (Misi) Meszaros (NIIF/HUNGARNET)
Secretary: Péter Szegedi​ GÉANT, Amsterdam office
Running period: 1 October 2014 - 1 November 2016