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TF-Storage: Data Storage Infrastructures, Applications and Services​​​

Investigating data storage, data management and cloud storage protocols, platforms and application services.

The secure management, storage, and sharing of data is a core requirement of many collaborative research projects. The unique demands of research and education require the networking community to work together to identify, define and support the development of highly focused storage solutions.The Task Force on Storage was set up to help guide the development of storage solutions by those responsible for this in their organisation.


Areas of interest to the task force include data storage technologies, platforms and architectures; storage service and resource delivery models; data management technologies, approaches and solutions; and data exchange, sharing and synchronisation applications and services. 


​Since its inception in 2007, TF-Storage has helped develop a range of solutions for the research and education community including: FileSender and a members' deal with ownCloud.


More information​

TF-Storage concluded on 1 April 2016. The community decided to change the scope and re-charter towards cloud platform/software stacks.

Visit the new SIG-CISS (Cloudy Interoperable Software Stacks) page.

Current running period: April 2014 - March 2016​​​​

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