​​​​​ ​ This group and page are no longer actively​​ maintained.​

TF-MNM - Mobility and Network Middleware

Developing and deploying mobile technologies and interoperable roaming.

TF-MNM is a platform for national research and education networking (NREN) organisations and world experts to explore new solutions and strategies in mobility and supporting middleware, and share experience and best practise for the federated adoption of such technologies.


The development and deployment of mobile technologies and the use of network middleware to support interoperable roaming services are now key activities for NRENs and academic research institutions. TF-MNM provides a collaborative forum across the development, deployment, security, testing and standardisation of innovative network middleware and mobility technologies. ​

Focus areas are to investigate ubiquitous mobility through 3G/LTE/4G services (in addition to WiFi, and the impact of Location Aware Services), the integration of network middleware to support identity federations and two-factor authentication.
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​Learn more about TF-MNM​ and how to get involved in meetings and discussions. The TF-MNM​​​ web space is currently held on the old TERENA website whilst a new home is being built within the new GÉANT branding.
​Chair: Klaas Wierenga (Cisco Systems)
Secretary: Nicole HarrisGÉANT​ Amsterdam office
Running period: September 2002 - December 2016